Staging Tips



Staging Tips to Sell Your Home

Lawn in good condition
Grass mowed
Edges trimmed around
Dead branches pruned
Dead shrubs replaced
Overgrown shrubs pruned
All plantings fully mulched
All hoses/accessories neatly stored
Seasonal flowers planted


Paint in good condition
Gutters in good condition
Exterior lights operating
Missing shingles replaced
Windows in good repair
     Easily operated
     Trim painted
     Surface in good repair
     Holes patched
     Wood stained or painted
     Fencing secure
     Clear of clutter


Cracks in ceiling and walls repaired
Water stains repaired
Wallpaper repaired/replaced
Woodwork repaired/cleaned
Windows washed
Curtains/drapes cleaned
Floor waxed/refinished
Carpets cleaned/secured
Beds made
Laundry put away
Floor free from clutter
All toys/personal items stored

Living Room

Cracks in ceiling and walls repaired
Water stains repaired
Walls freshly painted
Wallpaper repaired/cleaned
Windows washed
Curtains washed, ironed
Drapes opened
Carpets cleaned
Furniture positioned to show space
All lights functioning


Dining Room

Cracks in ceiling and walls repaired
Water stains repaired
Wallpaper repaired/replaced
Woodwork repaired
Windows washed
Drapes opened
Carpets clean, secure
Floor waxed/refinished


Cracks in walls repaired
Sources of water/dampness repaired
Floor swept
Increase wattage in light fixtures
No musty odors
Drains cleared
Storage neatly arranged Cold water pipes covered Excess storage removed

Family Room

Cracks in ceiling and walls repaired
Water stains covered
Wallpaper repaired
Woodwork repainted
Windows washed
Curtains washed, ironed
Drapes opened to view
Windows operating freely
Carpets cleaned
Toys/hobbies put away
Furniture arranged for space


Sink stains removed
Leaky faucets repaired
Mineral deposits removed
Grouting stains removed
All joints caulked
Missing tiles replaced
All fixtures operating
Kitchen Floors cleaned/polished
Shower curtain cleaned/replaced
All personal care products stored
Bathtub decals removed
Guest towels out
Clean/replace throw rugs

Entrance Hall

Doorbell operating
Door recently painted
Door brass polished
Hardware operating and polished
Hinges oiled
Entryway lights operating
Floors cleaned and clear
Closet cleaned out
Closet light operating


Sink free of stains
No dripping faucets
Appliances in good working order
Walls, cabinets sparkling clean
Countertops cleared
Cupboards/drawers neatly arranged
Missing hardware replaced
Refrigerator defrosted
Small appliances stored


All handrails secure
All stairs clear
Stairway runners secure
All closets organized
Garage cleaned and organized
Remove any unwanted items
Sweep and clean fireplaces
Clean glass doors

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